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NDIS system Help

Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS system

NDIS system Help

Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS system
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About NDIS system

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government programme which provides funding for a wide variety of disability care services and other supports. Under the programme, anyone who has a disability can be eligible for NDIS funding amounts to pay for the care or supports they need to maximise their quality of life.

What is the NDIA?

The NDIA, or National Disability Insurance Agency, is the government agency in charge of handling and implementing the NDIS. The NDIA can provide you with information, referrals to specific services, individual care plans, and more.

How do I access the NDIS?

You can access the NDIS by visiting their website, or calling 1800 800 110. They will guide you through the process of applying, review your eligibility, and set you up with funding for your care plan.


Who is Care Decisions?

Care Decisions is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation helping families simplify the search for NDIS system providers in Australia.

We are owned by Aged Care Reviews Pty Ltd – which also operates Aged Care Decisions. Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest care matching and referral service – assisting thousands of families each month to find the best matched home care or residential aged care provider.

Is this service really 100% free of charge?

Yes, we can assure you that our service is really 100% free of charge. No catches. No hidden fees.

NDIS providers cannot pass on our service fee to you, or to your allocated NDIS funding.

What services does Care Decisions provide?

We provide end-to-end support throughout the process of connecting Australian families and providers in the NDIS system.

For Families:
We support everyday families in their quest to find the best matched service provider. The options we provide for you have been carefully selected to match your care and support needs and preferences based on the information you give us. You can begin this process with us here.

For NDIS system Providers:
Care Decisions supports NDIS system providers by providing highly qualified referrals in need of your services. Potential clients we refer have been matched to the care and support preferences you state.

How do we get paid?

Our service is a 100% free of charge service for Australian families. No if’s, no but’s, and no hidden charges.

We are able to provide this service for you by charging NDIS system providers a set, industry standard services fee for undertaking customer service & marketing services on their behalf.


How can this service help our family?

Care Decisions is Australia’s largest NDIS system service provider.

We can help your family by:

  • Providing detailed information about how NDIS system works (including how to maximise allocated NDIS funding).
  • Preparing a customised report – which matches the care needs and preferences of the person in need of care.
  • Assigning a dedicated NDIS system Specialist to assist you in every step of the NDIS provider selection journey.
  • Interacting with the NDIS provider staff on your behalf.

Why do families love Care Decisions?

Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families needing to find NDIS system providers for a loved one.

Our trained Specialists will prepare a customised report of providers within your area, matching the needs and preferences of the person in need of care or support.

Allowing you to make an independent and hassle-free decision with no stress, for FREE!


How much does your service cost?

Our service is 100% Free because NDIS system providers pay us an industry standard marketing services fee.

How do you create a customised report for me?

We create your customised report by utilising our national database of partner providers. Each of those providers is registered with Care Decisions, and provides us with data on their ability to provide disability care and services in each geographic area.

We provided you with suitable list of options based on the care needs and preferences of NDIS participant. 

You will have piece of mind knowing that we do not recommend one provider over another.

How do we find providers for you?

Each service provider provides different types of support and care for different care needs.

Care Decisions will assist you in finding the right match by compiling a customised report of providers that match your individual circumstance. We can also assist with finding answers to questions the family may have.

Get NDIS system help by clicking here.


What does it cost to work with Care Decisions?

The Industry Standard Placement Services Fee is $2350.00 ex GST. This fee is equivalent to approximately 8 days of average bed day revenue (2019 Dept of Health ACFA Report). 

There is no joining fee, no registration fee, and no ongoing fees for service providers. The only fee you pay us is when a placement takes place. No admission from us means no fee for you.

When does a provider pay?

You pay the Placement Services Fee if and when a resident moves into your facility and commences permanent care. 

If the resident moves in for respite services, you will be required to pay an interim Respite Services Fee, but this amount is deducted from the full Placement Services Fee if that person becomes a permanent resident in your facility.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your agreement with us at anytime.

Can we pay more to receive more introductions?

The prices nominated above are industry wide, therefore we do not recommend one facility over another for a higher fee. Our role is purely to provide information and to make introductions when suitable for your service.

Do you disclose your fee to your clients?

Yes, our Terms & Conditions mean that we are contractually obligated to disclose our commercial model and fee structure to families, both verbally and in writing at all stages of our interactions.

What information to we receive in referrals?

All referrals from us include full family contact details, as well as their financial capacity (RAD paying / concessional), a complete clinical assessment, Referral Codes (where applicable), and an ACFI estimate.

What if a resident passes away or moves out after moving in?

A Short Stay Rebate of 60% of the Placement Services Fee is offered in the event that a resident referred by Care Decisions either passes away or moves out within 21 days of moving in.

The Short Stay Rebate is offered to you as either a rebate or credit, and only applies to permanent placements.

What if we're already talking to a family?

We screen families by asking if they have already contacted any facilities or operators.

Our introductions are only intended to assist in providing you with new potential residents, therefore the fee does not apply to your organisation’s pre-existing enquiries.

How do we get started?

Simply fill out a one page Placement Services Registration Form, and we can have your organisation up and running on the same day. Start your registration here.

Have more questions about NDIS system providers?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the NDIS system Care Decisions team