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Helping Families Find The Best Matched NDIS Providers

Free customised report of the best matched NDIS system providers

Helping Families Find The Best Matched NDIS Providers

Free customised report of the best matched NDIS system providers
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How we work

Making the right decision easier

Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families and NDIS participants to find the best matched NDIS providers.

Our NDIS system Specialists are ready to help provide a 100% Free Service for NDIS participants and their nominees to match all of the care and support needs and preferences that you may have. We help your family to make a hassle-free decision with no stress – all for FREE!

We work with NDIS providers across Australia – big and small – to make sure you have choice and control.

This means that our provider partners pay us for our support services, leaving you with no fee as a result.

Care Decisions is a guaranteed, 100% free of charge service taking the stress out of NDIS system care for families.

Step 1

Tell us your preferences

Let us know all about your care needs, support preferences and timeline using our simple and easy application process.

step 2

Receive a customised options report

We will then send you a completely tailored, customised report of the best matched NDIS system providers in your area based on your specified needs. You can decide which ones to shortlist.

step 3

Let us help with information and to maximise your allocated budget

We help you understand how the NDIS system works, how to maximise the care and support available to you and compare pricing arrangements. 

How we can help

Our NDIS System Support Services

Care Decisions offers a range of support services that can help you find the best matched NDIS system providers in your area and navigate the NDIS system care journey. We offer a consumer support guarantee for all of our services, and they are all 100% free.

NDIS System Providers

Using our live database, our specialists provide families and nominees with a free customised report of the best matched NDIS system providers.

Our specialists can filter providers by the type of care and supports required, support preferences, location and support categories – whether it is Core Supports, Assistance with Daily Life, Assistance with Social & Community Participation or transport.

Care Decisions also helps you compare and shortlist options, and provides helpful information resources and provide NDIS system guidance throughout the entire process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay for this service?

We understand that families and nominees may be concerned about the fee that Care Decisions charges being ‘passed on’ to them – either directly, or out of allocated NDIS funding.

The short answer is – no. Under Australian law, a provider cannot ‘pass on’ the fee we charge or increase their fees to compensate. They are also not permitted to ‘on charge’ for Care Decisions services through allocated NDIS funding.

Our partner providers

Care Decisions is a free service that works with a large range of disability care providers.

These include the full range of NDIS system providers such as, for profit, not for profit and large national brands.

We work in partnership to ensure all service information is constantly updated.

Unlocking a faster care comparison & commencement process for you is our priority. We do this by helping providers establish whether or not they can cater to your specific care and support needs. 

Privacy & Personal Information

Your designated NDIS system Specialist will need to gather some personal, and clinical information about the NDIS participant seeking care or support services.

Doing this helps us to facilitate a faster, stress-free provider matching process.

We gather this information and pass it on to suitable providers for you.

These services will then use the information provided to consider your care and support needs. This is done prior to advising us whether or not they have the ability to offer services to the NDIS participant, based on the support preferences advised. Our goal is to assist you find the best possible fit from a range of providers.

Without this, you and your family could be required to provide the exact same information to different providers, multiple times, and often even in different formats. We help take the hassle out of the research process by doing it for you.

Our case management process is deliberately designed to be easy to use, as well as save you weeks of unnecessary stress.

Don’t worry, all of your personal information is kept private and confidential. All the information collected is securely held on our Australian-based servers, and is never used for any marketing or sales purposes.

Have more questions about our NDIS system providers?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Care Decisions team